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Our Staff

Anabel Gonzalez



Anabel Gonzalez, the Owner and Operator of Spartan Daycare, has over 12 years of experience in

caring for children.  She is a passionate professional, committed to the growth, health and well-being of each

and every child in her care.  Trained in Child Health and Safety, certified in Adult/Infant CPR and

First Aid, she spent her youth, from the time she was 5 years old until she was 18, discovering her

purpose in life and gaining invaluable, firsthand experience by helping with the daily care of her nephews and

nieces. As she became an adult, she continued working with children, even as she entered U.C. Davis,

where onside of her academics, she babysat for extra money.

Outside of babysitting, Anabel began utilizing her talent for management and would spend most of her

20's serving as a manager in various industries.  However, no matter where she was working, her heart

would always pull her back to childcare. It was during this time that she would be reminded of her

entrepreneur parents who managed their own 40 acres of orange and olive trees.  Their hard work would

in turn inspire her tireless work ethic, leading her to shift her focus towards running her own business.

After she became pregnant in 2015, Anabel achieved one of her biggest dreams and opened her

own small in home daycare. Unlike no other, her daycare would soon become inspired by Spartan Races.

Holding an everlasting respect for the organization's focus on fitness, health and its belief that others can

overcome any obstacle.

Influenced by the organization's ability to promote determination, she created Spartan Daycare,

honoring culture and tradition, while also providing an encouraging and educational space for children.

The daycare also serves as a source for teaching children and their parents the importance of nutrition and

healthy competition through fun, and most importantly, safe obstacle courses, racing and training exercises

designed specifically for pre-k attendees.  Alongside this, Spartan Daycare's goal is to make every child feel at

home through events that get the whole family involved such as yearly pumpkin patches, field trips to Fire Stations,

as well as Easter Egg Hunts, birthday parties and the celebration of other major holidays.


In addition, an active member of the organizations Child Care Aware, Child Action and NAFCC, it is Anabel's hope

that the future will allow her to grow her facility into a Daycare Center in the North Sacramento area,

with the potential and support to one day become a franchise.

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