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Our Staff

Anabel Gonzalez



Anabel Gonzalez, the heart and soul behind Spartan Daycare, brings over 12 years of rich experience in childcare to her role as Owner and Operator. Her journey in caring for children started at a tender age, as she devoted her formative years to assisting in the daily care of her nephews and nieces. This early exposure ignited her passion for child development and laid the groundwork for her future endeavors.


Trained in Child Health and Safety, certified in Adult/Infant CPR and First Aid, Anabel's commitment to the well-being of every child in her care is steadfast. Her dedication stems not just from certifications, but from a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility and compassion. Raised by hardworking entrepreneur parents, Anabel imbibed the values of hard work and determination from an early age.


Despite pursuing managerial roles in various industries during her twenties, Anabel's heart always gravitated towards childcare. Inspired by her parents' entrepreneurial spirit and her own love for children, she embarked on the journey of running her own business. In 2015, she realized her dream by opening her own small in-home daycare.


Spartan Daycare stands out as a unique fusion of Anabel's passions—childcare and fitness. Inspired by the values of Spartan Races, Anabel created an environment that promotes determination, health, and overcoming obstacles. The daycare not only offers a safe and encouraging space for children but also educates them and their parents on the importance of nutrition and healthy competition.


Anabel's vision for Spartan Daycare extends beyond its current boundaries. Actively involved in prominent childcare organizations such as Child Care Aware, Child Action, and NAFCC, she aspires to expand her facility into a Daycare Center in the North Sacramento area and eventually evolve it into a franchise.


Under Anabel's leadership, Spartan Daycare is more than just a childcare center—it's a nurturing sanctuary where children thrive, families connect, and dreams are realized.

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